Schrödinger’s Snowflake.

Dave Webster

Too scared to make a phone call, and hear opposing views, while simultaneously the greatest threat to civilisation and ‘Western/enlightenment’ values in living memory?

Dr Nicola Rivers and Dr Dave Webster

The idea of Schrodinger’s Cat has recently been adopted as a metaphor for numerous cultural phenomena or tropes. You may have seen it related to the office (typically male) sexual harasser, who is simultaneously only joking and deadly serious in his attempts to shag his colleagues.

Perhaps more widespread is the idea of Schrodinger’s Immigrant. The rhetorical reference here, or ‘joke’, is that someone’s argument or narrative seems to simultaneouslyschrodimmi posit two contradictory views. The invoked construct of the immigrant, according to the anti-migration lobby, is either lazy and thus a potential drain on our benefit system, OR so keen to work, and work hard, that they will compete for, and then take, jobs from existing workers…

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